Summer Destination: Ocean City, Maryland

Summer Destination: Ocean City, Maryland



One of my favorite summer vacation spots is Ocean City, Maryland. It’s the complete opposite of Newport and Kennebunkport – as in, you’ll see more people wearing shirts that say “Welcome to the Gun Show” than you will Vineyard Vines outfits. The Situation may or may not come here. But before you start judging, keep in mind that Ocean City is a really fun place (I promise)!



Beach attire is perfect for the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk. Love these shorts that I got on sale at ShopSosie.




The beach and boardwalk are the main attractions in Ocean City, Maryland. I’m not the type to sit on the beach all day (easily bored) but I love it here. The water is warm, at least by a native Bostonian’s standards, and the beach never gets too crowded. When you start to feel hungry or restless, the boardwalk is just steps away, filled with delicious, totally terrible for you but worth it food:


Thrasher’s french fries have been around since 1929, and they are the best I’ve ever had. I don’t even like french fries, but these are seriously amazing – just trust me, and eat them. It’s an Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk tradition.


Wockenfuss is my favorite candy store in Ocean City. Because after the salty fries, it’s time to balance things out with something sweet, right? Everything is yummy, but it’s best to come by at night for their chocolate covered strawberries (they don’t make them during the day).



If like lemonade, you will love Love’s Lemonade. Enormous cups are available for purchase. Mayor Bloomberg would not approve.



There’s plenty of shopping on the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk but if booty shorts that say “TWERK” on the behind are not your style (I’m not kidding – they exist) then you should skip the clothing. Instead, check out two of my favorite stores.

Ocean Gallery is practically a landmark, since it’s been a part of the boardwalk for decades and is one of OC’s most famous attractions. Inside you’ll find a massive collection of artwork, ranging from pop culture posters and photography to limited edition prints by renowned artists. It looks like an absolute mess on the outside and inside, but it’s all part of the charm. There are treasures to be found, so don’t miss it if you have a blank wall in need of decor!

The Kite Loft is another shop you can spend hours in. They have way more than just kites – inside you will find so many cool toys and gadgets that make great gifts. Early holiday shopping opportunity?

And now onto the most important part of vacation, the cocktails… (just kidding, sort of)


MR Ducks is a fun gazebo-style outdoor bar that’s perfect for happy hour. It’s an older crowd so there’s minimal fist pumping, but there are no party poopers here. My favorite drink is the Orange Quack, which includes freshly squeezed orange juice. And if you’re ready to par-tay, you can chug a beer out of a hollowed out wooden duck. Good times.


Seacrets, aka “Jamaica USA,” is another spot I love in Ocean City You can even charter a boat from MR Ducks and pull right up. Not that fancy? The public bus will get you there as well (no drinking and driving, please). Go to Seacrets for dinner, and while you are waiting for a table sip tropical cocktails on the beach. Get the jerk chicken! After dinner you can wander over and listen to a live band, or head to the “nightclub” area which has a DJ.

How To Get There: Driving is probably the best way to get to OC as it’s not that close to any major airlines. But if you don’t have a car, there is a Greyhound bus that goes from New York, through Delaware. Once you get there, you can take the Beach Bus around town for just $3 a day.

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