Why You Shouldn’t Miss Versailles (and Tips for a Stress-Free Visit)

The Palace of Versailles is a bit out of the way for Paris travelers, but it should absolutely not be missed. It was one of the most amazing things I saw during my trip, probably because it is one of the most ridiculous examples of decadent royal wealth that exists. Everything is covered in gold and there are extravagant chandeliers, embellished decorations and famous works of art everywhere. You’ll be blown away before you even get to the gardens, which are so massive that you can get lost in them for hours.

As incredible as the Palace of Versailles is, you’ll also find that a trip to this site can be a tad bit stressful….

Palace of Versailles, France


As you can see, the line starts outside. And I can personally attest to the fact that it takes over an hour to get through. But after taking the train from Paris, it’s not like we were about to turn around!

And you’ll see below, the crowds don’t get much better after you enter…

Palace of Versailles, France

The Hall of Mirrors

Palace of Versailles, France

That is, until you get the gardens.

Palace of Versailles, FranceHooray for personal space!

Palace of Versailles, France Palace of Versailles, FrancePalace of Versailles, France

Just hangin’ out in King Louis XVI’s backyard. No big deal.

Palace of Versailles, FranceSo now that you know how much of a hassle it is to get here, why should you go? Well, you don’t have to make the same mistake I made. Be smart and buy your ticket online ahead of time. Tickets range in price from 18€ to 25€ (about $25 to $30 USD). Check out the Versailles official website FAQ for details on special circumstances that will allow you in for free (i.e. if you are a EU resident under 26) and discounted options.

If you have your ticket printed out, skip past all the suckers waiting in line and go right through entrance A. Well, it’s not quite that easy – I’ve heard pre-paid ticket holders still have to wait a bit since there are so many people smart enough to buy them. But it’s worth it, I PROMISE!

How To Get There: It’s very easy to reach Versailles by train. You can take the RER C from the Saint-Michel and Champ de Mars stations from Paris. The station you want to end up at is called Versailles Rive Gauche. Be prepared for language barriers at the station if you don’t speak French – write down where you want to go to help speed things up! Here’s a handy website to bookmark on train travel in Paris.

Once you arrive at the station, the Palace of Versailles is a short walk. Just follow the crowds.

I would recommend going on a weekday or in the early fall, when summer rush has died down but the gardens are still open. Try to arrive first thing in the morning to beat the lines. Weekends are madness. Just take deep breaths and don’t shove anyone.

It’s best to block off an entire day for your trip to Versailles. You’ll want to see everything, so factor in the travel time, waiting in line, breaking for lunch and fitting in all the parts of the museum and the gardens. If you try to do a half day, you’ll feel rushed and stressed.

Versailles France Versailles France

I’m so jealous of the Versailles official photographer who got to take these when no one was there. See the full slideshow here

Additionally, you should brush up on your history of Versailles so you have a clue what you’re looking at. I did so by reading this biography of Marie Antoinette (fascinating) but you can also read more about the palace and King Henry XVI here.
There are several great options to eat at around Versailles as well. One that’s a little off the beaten path is Monument Cafè, which is actually an upscale buffet (an unusual concept for the area). The food is quite good and decor modern and stylish. You can email them in advance for a reservation – after a long day at Versailles you are NOT going to want to wait to eat! They also have a French wine tasting every day starting at 5PM. What better way to ease the stress of battling oversized camera-wielding, fanny pack-wearing tourists all day?
Monument Cafè, Versailles, France Monument Cafè, Versailles, France
Photos above from Monument Cafè’s Facebook page.
Have you been to Versailles? Any additional tips or experiences you have to share are welcome in the comments below!

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