Solo Female Travel in Marrakech: Is It Safe?

Solo Female Travel in Marrakech: Is It Safe?

Earlier this month, I spent some time by myself in Marrakech, Morocco. When I mentioned my plans to friends and family before the trip, I usually received the same reaction: “Is it SAFE?”. Well, I’ve returned and I’m still alive and in one piece (oh and my sister has been living in Morocco alone for over a year), so the answer would have to be “YES.” 

If you’re on the fence about solo female travel to Marrakech, my advice is to go but take some precautions.

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  • Linda Lyons says:

    Hi Anna,
    Really enjoyed this article. I think the advice that you have given is very sensible , allowing a solo female traveler to feel safe & but enjoy what Maerrakech has to offer. I often travel to Marrakech by myself & have always felt completely safe there. Look forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures.

  • El Mehdi MEHDIOUI says:

    I am a Licensed tour guide in Marrakech. I have taken sightseing many solo Travelers and it’s Great to see more enjoying Morocco solo as a safe destination.

    Good description of Nice spots you visited. The surrounding area around Marrakech like The Atlas Mountains and The Atlantic Coast are not to miss while in Marrakech.

    Just a Quick note: The Mamounia Hotel Is not The most expensive Hotel anymore since The Royal Mansour was opened in 2010..



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  • Urska says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m planning a trip to Morocco next month and your informations are definitely useful!

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  • Katie says:

    Were you able to ride camels there? If so, how much did it cost and where can you go for that?

  • […] Is it just me, or do hotels and hostels never have enough plugs? I recently stayed at a hostel in Marrakech that had just three outlets for a twelve person dorm. When everyone is trying to charge their phone […]

  • Hakim says:

    First Of all We Hope all is great with you There ?

    Thanks so much for possiting a beautiful pic and nice words of our Sahara Desert and Nice to Konw That you enjoy your experience and we will be glad to welcome you back to your second Home and To Show you the Rest of the sahara and Moroccan Culture and views Iam Hakim From Merzouga Desert i use To Be Guiding Touriste with camel crossing the beautifull dunes and I Organise Tour all around Morocco and camel trekking in Erg Chebbi dunes

    I will be lucky person To answer any quistions you ask

    Greating From Desert

  • THANK YOU so much! For a while now I thought about going to Marrakech. In late March – alone. Just like you I’m blonde.

    All my friends told me to not go alone, because it’s dangerous and not safe as a woman alone there.
    But honestly, I thought about it. I’ve traveled to other places before (Middle East and Africa included) where it might not be safe as well. And no one ever stopped me.

    I googled for this blog entry and luckily I found someone who shows the world that I can go to Marrakech if I want to! :-)

    It’s still my plan to go next month. Hopefully plans won’t change. It seems like a lovely place to go :-)

    • annarice23 says:

      You will have such an amazing time! I never felt in danger, just annoyed by constant comments from men. As long as you don’t go out by yourself late at night, you’ll absolutely be fine. My younger sister lived in Morocco for two years alone and she is still with us :)

  • […] permission (be careful!) and use potentially poisonous ink. I wrote about Henna Cafe in my post on solo female travel to Marrakech because it’s a great place to eat by yourself, and because it doubles as a community centre […]

    • Gary says:

      Great reading Anna and some nice photos.
      I am going to Marrakech with my wife, wish i was going there with you as you seem to have a great holiday.

    • Solida says:

      Hey thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Can you please let me know how the weather is over there around year end? Is it gonna be super chilly if I go I’m November ?

      • annarice23 says:

        It won’t be chilly but I’d definitely recommend bringing a light jacket, scarf and sweaters for the evening (and maybe even the day). Temperatures in December were approximately 50-75 F.

  • Kay says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am going to Marrakech solo for 3 days/nights in May. I currently live in France. Your site is by far the best as far as providing info on what to do AND most importantly for me, being a savvy and safe female traveler. I am petite and a bit anxious but I think being aware and taking some precautions go a long way. Two questions: do you recommend a cross-body bag? I have a small, flat pouch I can wear like a backpack but I can’t see it when I have it on and do you recommend hiring a guide to explore the souks and medina?
    thank you so much.

    • annarice23 says:

      Hi Kay, I always recommend cross body bags just to be safe! In Marrakech you don’t NEED a guide, however I hired one the first time I went (on the first day) and it was very informative as he also gave a lot of insight into Moroccan culture and context to places like the Bahia Palace. Otherwise I would have still gone and enjoyed them, but not understood them quite as much. Just realize that part of the guide’s job is to take you to certain shops where he earns commission if you purchase. You don’t have to buy anything though, but it’s good to be aware that you’re going to spend part of the tour getting a sales pitch!

  • sharon says:

    Hi Anna,

    My name is Sharon and I am the outreach intern for Pink Pangea. I am writing today because I enjoyed reading your blog, and would love to publish more of your adventures on our women’s travel site, Pink Pangea. If you’re interested please email me at

    Thanks! Sharon

  • Nika P. says:

    Hi Anna,

    My mom just bought me a suprise flight to Marrakech and I will be there for 4 days (06/10 on) by myself before my mom and brother arrive. Your blog has great advice!! I’m just getting organized now. If you have any imput please let me know!


    • annarice23 says:

      What an amazing mom you have! You should check out my post on solo female travel in Marrakech, there are some great places to eat where you won’t be harassed by the overzealous Moroccan men :)

  • Fully agree with you. Marrakech is safe as long as you exercise common sense and trust your gut instinct. I’ve been to this magical place twice in the last two years, and the only ‘danger’ I encountered was crossing the road – although you’ll adapt to it after the first day!

    I’ve dined at the food market a few times (you can read about it on my blog, ) but I wish I had known about Henna Cafe!

    • annarice23 says:

      Definitely agree that crossing the road is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in a Moroccan city! And if you go back, definitely check out Henna Cafe it was great! I’ll read about your food market experience too :)

  • Hi Kay, Thanks for the content, my advice for solo women traveling to Morocco is to keep a low profile, dress moderately, avoid eye contact with strange men, and stay firm, your smile to everybody might be taken wrong.

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