What to Wear In…. Casablanca, Morocco

What to Wear In…. Casablanca, Morocco

I’ve already covered what to wear in Morocco, but Casablanca deserves a post all its own. Why? Because it’s a VERY westernized city that is still also very Moroccan.

Here are my tips for packing and lists for what to wear in Casablanca in any season.

What To Wear in Casablanca in the Summer

Casablanca in the summer is *HOT.* But even though you might be sweating buckets, you should still err on the conservative side when it comes to getting dressed. No matter how high the temperatures get, spaghetti straps and mini dresses are still not OK.

Here are my tips on what to wear in Casablanca in the summer:

  • Opt for modest, flowy and loose pieces that you won’t sweat too much in.
  • Closed toe shoes are ideal, since many of the streets are under construction (or just plain broken), but pick styles that are comfortable and breathable.
  • Bare legs are OK in Casablanca, but make sure your dress or skirt hits at about the knee if you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention.
  • Even though it’s summer, you’ll want to pack socks and a sweater. It can be surprisingly cool at night, and the floors get chilly!
  • If you’re planning to tour Mosque Hassan II, make sure you bring a scarf, long sleeves and pants so that you are allowed to enter.


What To Wear in Casablanca in the Winter

Winter in Casablanca means warm days and chilly nights. The temperature during the day can be between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and as low as 30 or 40 degrees at night. That means layering is key!

Here are my tips for packing for Casablanca in the winter:

  • Bring a jacket that matches everything. I ended up wearing my black moto jacket every day.
  • Long-sleeved, breathable tops are the most practical items you can wear. Layer them under a jacket or sweater that can be removed if you get too hot during the day.
  • Flat boots are the go-to choice for shoes. The streets can be dusty or filled with pot holes, so you’ll want sturdy footwear to protect your toes.
  • Always bring a scarf. If you find yourself walking in the shade you might get cold!

What to wear at night in Casablanca:

One more thing to note – if you’re planning to go out at night in Casablanca, there are plenty of chic venues filled with local expats, European visitors and business travelers. Some women are wearing VERY revealing clothing here, but many of them are actually prostitutes.

While enjoying Casablanca’s nightlife scene, it’s OK to wear a shorter dress or high heels. But when you’re walking around outside, grab a taxi directly to your destination and don’t wander the streets alone or late at night in revealing clothing.


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