Wanderlust Wishlist: Eastern Europe Edition

Wanderlust Wishlist: Eastern Europe Edition

When I travelled to Europe after graduating college, I was fixated on typical touristy travel destinations like Paris, Milan, and London (actually I was probably just fixated on fashion capitals). But I could have saved a lot of money in the other parts of Europe: Eastern Europe and Central Europe. This part of the world has a huge audience right now with the Olympics going on in Sochi, but I’ve been reading up on some other parts of Eastern Europe worth a visit…

One of the biggest motivations for me to plan a trip to travel destinations in Central and Eastern Europe (other than the fact that I want to go everywhere) is that I don’t really know much about it. Seeing the Eiffel Tower in France and Il Duomo in Milan was cool and all, but I’d already seen photos of them so many times – it didn’t seem like a new experience. But when I visited Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco, a site I was unfamiliar with, I felt totally impressed and fascinated. Does anyone else feel the same?

Anyways, without further ado here’s this week’s Wanderlust Wishlist round up of articles I’m reading on Eastern Europe travel destinations:

Eastern Europe Travel Destinations: Kiev, Ukraine

photo credit: Dieter Zirnig / Flickr

  • Kiev, Ukraine is one of the travel destinations in Eastern Europe that I’d most like to visit. It came across my radar last year when one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea, visited the city for fashion week. Kiev is so unique looking – the architecture there and color combinations are just so different than anything in Western Europe. Recently I came across this great round up of the top 5 things to do in Kiev from a Polish travel blogger. We can only hope that the deadly protests in Kiev that have been all over the news come to an end quickly and that the government can come to a peaceful agreement with the opposition. [Kami & the Rest of the World]
  • Another city that I know next to nothing about? Krakow, Poland. This great list sums up 10 things to do there, including exploring the main square filled with medieval architecture, a salt mine, which restaurant to go to for cheese pie, and of course the sobering Auschwitz Concentration Camp. [True Nomads]
  • As little as I know about Poland, I do know that I love Polish food (pierogi, yum). This post by a Krakow native/travel blogger will surely have your mouth watering. [Jetting Around]
  • Slovenia might be considered central Europe, but I had to add it to this week’s Wanderlust Wishlist after I read this article. These stunning photos and really fabulous reasons to go there ASAP will literally have you researching flight prices! [Huffington Post]
  • Another city in Central/Eastern Europe that I’m dying to visit is Budapest, Hungary. I love this post about why you should go there in the winter – it’s so true that only visiting places during “high season” gives you a warped view of the culture and daily life. [Pack Me To…]

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