Blonde Moment: Attempting To Hike Anthony’s Nose In the Snow

Blonde Moment: Attempting To Hike Anthony’s Nose In the Snow

A couple weekends ago it was really, really nice out in New York for the first time in forever. I had already done a walk through Central Park on Saturday, so on Sunday Dave and I decided to drive out to the ‘burbs and go hiking with our friend Camila.

Road Tripe Selfie

Road trip!

We did our research and decided that our best bet was to hike Anthony’s Nose (we picked Anthony’s Nose! Get it?). Apparently it’s part of the Appalachian Trail which goes all the way to Georgia. We were overly excited about a nice day, and feeling good about getting in some exercise even though we are obviously not serious hikers/outdoorsy types.

Appalachian Trail

So we drive over to Anthony’s Nose, get out of the car and follow the trail guide to the beginning. And there was…. nothing. At first we were confused and thought we’d missed the entrance. But then we realized that what we were looking at was the entrance – the trail was just completely covered in snow!

Bridge Over Hudson River

The Nose, covered in snow.

Major blonde moment right here. I mean, duh! Who is going to shovel a hiking trail?

So we quickly abandoned the idea of the hike after attempting to climb through the snow and realizing we would probably soon slip and seriously injure ourselves. Instead we took a stroll over a bridge across the Hudson River and ended up at a familiar place: Bear Mountain!

Hudson River

Hudson River Icy

Ice on Hudson River

The body of water (pond? lake?) at Bear Mountain was completely frozen over and actually had a sign stating that it was safe to walk out onto the ice. I was a little scared but of course I tried it. I didn’t make it too far, though because it was WET and my shoes were completely inappropriate.

Walking on Ice at Bear Mountain

Snowy Mountains

So hiking was a fail, but at least I got to try something new: risking my life for an ice walking photo opp. We really tried to exercise but instead we just ended up eating Mexican food in Tarrytown. Oh well, the summer diet starts another day. And Anthony – I’ll be back to explore your nose when the snow melts!



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