7 Things I’m Way Too Excited To Do in NYC This Spring & Summer!

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This amazing weather streak we’ve had in New York over the past week has gotten me extremely excited about spring and summer. While I know things are going to cool off a bit, I’m already planning my weekend activities through September (isn’t it funny how summer’s all planned up before it even begins?) and there a few things I’m definitely going to squeeze in. Here are my favorite seven things to do in NYC in spring & summer.

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer

1. Spend the day at Astoria’s beer gardens. Studio Square is the perfect place for my friends and my boyfriend’s friends to all hang out together – combining our love of drinking sangria in the sunshine with their passion for pitchers of beer and sports (there’s a HUGE TV screen – a fun place to go for big sporting events). Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden has a more laid back vibe, and they often have live music. Bring a board game or deck of cards and hang out with your group at one of their picnic tables. Be aware: this place is family friendly so there are often little kiddies running around. I know if I’m ever a parent (now there’s a terrifying thought), I’ll be grateful for places that allow day drinking with your children in tow!

Things to Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Bohemian Hall & Beer Gardenphoto: Marc Flores via Flickr

2. Shop at the Brooklyn Flea & eat my heart out at Smorgasborg. Whenever I don’t have a weekend plan in the summer, I end up here. On Sundays starting May 4, shop for everything from vintage clothing to locally made jewelry and total junk at this waterfront flea market in Williamsburg. On Saturdays they have Smorgasborg, a foodie heaven. Go from stall to stall munching on everything from kimchee tacos to my personal favorite, homemade ice pops (there’s always a long line on sweltering days). Last summer they also added a mini beer garden where you can kill some time and play cornhole, if that’s your thing.

Things to Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Brooklyn Flea

photo: Chris Oakley via Flickr

3. Bike riding in the park. I’m certainly not going to knock on Central Park, but sometimes the hordes of tourists gets a little overwhelming. While you’ll definitely catch me there quite a bit in the summer, when I’m going for a bike ride I’m more likely to head to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It’s more laid back, less crowded, and located right near some of my favorite BK brunch spots!

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Bike Riding in Prospect Park

4. Friday afternoon drinks. Oh, your city doesn’t have summer Fridays? Sucks to be you. While elite New Yorkers skip town early to make the trip to the Hamptons, us normal folk take advantage of leaving work around 3PM to start Happy Hour early. If you get out really early, you might skip the massive line at 230 5th, one of the city’s most popular rooftop bars. A more casual destination is the Frying Pan, located on a docked boat on the Hudson River. You can also head uptown to The Boat Basin, my personal favorite spot because it’s less crowded and a little out of the way. Downtown my top place is Jimmy at the James (pictured below), where you can sip white wine on the roof and watch people get drunk and fall in the pool.

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Jimmy at the James, NYC

5. Rockaway Beach. I only got to go here once last summer, and I can’t wait to go back. This Queens community was practically destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, but the boardwalk is making a comeback. There may be better beaches in New York, but I like this one because it offers more to do than just sit and sweat in the sun. Watch planes take off from JFK (am I swimming in jet fuel? Maybe), or head to the boardwalk to enjoy Bolivian food or the BEST freaking Italian ice you’ve ever had at DiCosmo’s. Leave room for some seriously incredible tacos at Rockaway Taco. In fact, it might be worth the loong bus / subway trip just for the tacos, which draw a line of hungry hipsters. They are that good!

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Rockaway Taco

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Rockaway Beach

6. Brunching outside, with icy cocktails! Nothing’s better than people watching from a sidewalk cafe, mimosa in hand. Or more likely in my case, a frozen mint lemonade from Westville. Those things are addictive.

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Frozen Mint Lemonade at Westville in NYC

7. Williamsburg Creamery. This spot on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn has some really good ice cream. And I know that it’s all about froyo now, but ice cream will always have a spot in my heart. Especially when it contains wine (21+ only treats!)

Things To Do in NYC in Spring & Summer: Williamsburg Creamery

Is anyone else just counting down the days until summer officially arrives? Let me know if I missed any NYC goodies in the comments!

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  1. Katie @ From Shores to Skylines
    April 16, 2014

    I can’t wait for summer either, and summer in NYC sounds delightful, especially the Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasborg!


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