Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 for Travelers

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 for Travelers

I’ll begin this post by saying that I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day. Just like any other girl, I love flowers, gifts and fancy dinners – but I don’t enjoy them when they’re happening because some commercialized holiday said they should. I’ll pass on $150 prix fixe menus and fancy jewelry any day because let’s face it – I’d much rather spend that moolah on a plane ticket!

If you’re travel obsessed, you feel the same way and the thought of spending precious airfare dollars on a lavish dinner sounds ridiculous. But if you also kind of enjoy Valentine’s Day in all its cheesy glory (hey, no judging), here are some affordable Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 for travelers:

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |


Flight 001 Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag, $24 // If you and your significant other can’t plan an actual trip to the world’s most romantic city, don’t fret: you can still give your luggage a chic Parisian upgrade for the next adventure with this stylish tag.

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Flight 001 Eye Mask, $16 // This mask proves that it *is* possible to look fabulous even when you’re sleeping. Just hope your mouth isn’t hanging open!

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Flight 001 Travel Blanket, $30 // Is it just me or is the temperature at 30,000 feet never quite right? I’m always freezing, so I always pack a travel blanket. Trust me, this one is a no-fail gift for frequent fliers.Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Soap & Glory Great Kisser Lip Balm, $10 // Traveling wreaks havoc on your beauty routine, and all that time in the sky dries out your skin like nothing else. Chapped lips are the opposite of sexy, meaning a tin of quality moisturizing lip balm is essential for a romantic weekend getaway! Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

There’s a Map For That Necklace, $20 // Because the travel-obsessed love maps in all shapes and sizes, and this necklace goes with almost anything.

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Cupcake Contest Bag, $45 // Cross body bags are the best option for days spent exploring new cities, and I love the punchy colors on this one. Spring is coming (at least I hope… #goawaywinter) and this accessory will add a pop of seasonal color to neutral ensembles.  Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Old Folk Scarf, $48// When in doubt, a scarf is the perfect go-to gift for travel-loving ladies. I have about a million and always pack a few so I can easily switch up my look each day. Scarves are also a must for traveling in more conservative countries like Morocco and, of course, layering in certain climates.

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

Rib Knit Cardigan, $35 // A cardigan is another gift that will never fail – it’s an airport style staple.

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Travelers |

 Sunbathers Case for iPhone 6, $38 // If you’d rather be at the beach but a Caribbean getaway isn’t in the cards this month, live vicariously through this super chic iPhone case from Henri Bendel.

If you’re looking for more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers, follow my gift guide Pinterest board here – I’m always updating it with my favorite new product finds!

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