Weekend Postcard: Cave Crawling Outside of Husan

Weekend Postcard: Cave Crawling Outside of Husan

This weekend’s postcard was taken by Kayla of the blog A Book of Maps in Husan, a Palestinian village that dates back to the iron age. Kayla took a short trip there during the six weeks she spent in Israel and Palestine, and now she’s sharing the mini adventure she had with TBB!

Weekend Postcard from Kayla of A Book of Maps: Palestinian village Husan // BlondeBananaBlog.com

Dear Anna,

While I was in Israel and Palestine I decided to take a short trip to Husan, a town in the West Bank. I had some interesting adventures throughout my trip but on this one I definitely stepped out (more like crawled) of my comfort zone. I, along with friends, hiked up the hills in this area and got to see the beauty of a country that is portrayed so negatively in the media. The olive trees and little farms scattered along the edges of the hills felt homey.

We got to this little reservoir and our guide suggested we crawl through a cave in the side of the hill. The water was questionable to say the least, not something I really wanted to swim in and the cave looked very small. After much self-debate I decided to join my friends and crawl through. At first you could easily walk, but the walls started to create a smaller path and soon I was on my hands and knees crawling through the water, just hoping that there were no water creatures that would bite me, or spiders falling from the rocks above.

The cave opened up to a little cavern with a waterfall. It was pitch black but using our headlamps and flashlights we could see the hidden wonder. I was happy to be out of that tiny space but I was equally as happy that I faced my slightly irrational fears and made the most of this little side adventure.

– Kayla K, A Book of Maps


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