How 48 Hours in Rome Saved Me From Study Abroad Regret

How 48 Hours in Rome Saved Me From Study Abroad Regret

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  • Sharon says:

    Hi Anna,

    Love your blog, recently discovered it (when researching Morocco) and have read a bunch of your posts, especially enjoy the practical stuff portion!

    One of my biggest regrets is also not studying abroad! I would’ve gone to Australia but I felt really guilty about potentially spending so much money (my parents’ money) traveling around + paying the same tuition for my expensive college while not really studying/learning abroad…oh well maybe someday I’ll have an enlightening moment and stop regretting it too.

    I’m actually going to give your travel style/philosophy a try in December…I booked a super cheap Norwegian flight to visit Copenhagen & Stockholm for a total of 4-5 days. Excited to find out if it jibes well with me! Quick question – did you find the Norwegian flight to be comfortable? I’ve never flown with them before.


    • annarice23 says:

      Thanks for reading Sharon! I felt the same way about spending so much money when I would have had to take extra classes that weren’t required for my degree. That’s s exciting you’re going to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities ever, and I haven’t had the chance to visit Stockholm yet! I’ve actually found that Norwegian has some of the most comfortable planes, especially if you get on their Dreamliner which is likely what you would be on if you were flying from the US. The Dreamliner has USB outlets and televisions at every seat and super comfy chairs. The quickie flights within Europe aren’t as nice but still much better than a RyanAir or EasyJet! Only problem is that you don’t get to pick your seat in advance unless you pay extra, so try and get to the airport early if you want to snag a window/aisle.

      • Sharon says:

        Thanks for the Norwegian review/tips, I feel more at ease now about my two red eyes! Will also be flying RyanAir first time from Copenhagen to Stockholm but can’t complain about a $30 plane ticket, it’s only 1.5ish hours anyway. Really excited to experience Europe in winter, hope to catch some Christmas markets. Will share my experiences there in my blog…in 6 months haha.

  • Kelly says:

    This is an interesting perspective, but one that I’m glad to have read! I’m in the same boat as you–I never studied abroad in college, but REALLY regretted it afterwards. But like you said, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage/confidence to branch out and fully immerse myself in a new experience and lifestyle while studying abroad, either. I’m sure I would have had a blast, but it may not have been exactly what I was looking for.

  • Joyce says:

    I haven’t been to Rome yet but I studied abroad in Milan! I’m glad that I got to go somewhere that wasn’t very touristy (like Rome or Florence), and I actually didn’t stay in the dorms that a lot of the Americans did. That was more out of luck than anything, but I’m really happy that I didn’t just hang out with Americans. I really want to go to Rome & Bologna, and your posts are really convincing me that I should do it soon!

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  • Samantha Schmidt says:

    I completely agree with your comments on picking a study abroad program. Many of my friends studied abroad last semester in large, touristy cities. Beautiful pictures, great stories, wonderful travel in Europe, but little cultural immersion. This semester, I am studying in a small city in Costa Rica and living with a local family. It is a COMPLETELY different experience. Though overwhelming at first, I will never regret the amount of cultural immersion I feel or the incredible impact it’s had on my language skills in just the first two months. Some of the best relationships I have are with Ticos as opposed to other American students. Thanks for encouraging others to think of these things as well!

  • Shannon says:

    This is a great perspective, much different from what I normally read in “study abroad” posts. I never studied abroad either, but my cousin just got back from a program in Spain. She loved it and wrote about it on my blog, so now I’ve been seeing how every one else did it, haha. Thanks for sharing!

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