A Stylish Stay in Buenos Aires: Posada Palermo

A Stylish Stay in Buenos Aires: Posada Palermo

Posted by: on Sep 24, 2013 | 3 Comments

It’s been too long since my trip to Buenos Aires and I think I need to go back and explore this city more. One of my favorite parts of my trip to Argentina was where I stayed: Posada Palermo. Located in the cosmopolitan Palermo neighborhood, the B&B is a true home away from home for the travelers that fill its seven colorful guest rooms (designed by the owner/architect herself).

Shopping Guide to Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires

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I love to bring something home with me from the places I visit whenever I travel, and when I visited Buenos Aires, Argentina I almost couldn’t stop shopping! I ended up with a home makeover when I went to Morocco, and a new wardrobe when I returned from Buenos Aires. The above photo is of the skyline in the Puerto Madero section of the city, which is very modern, but my favorite shopping area was Palermo Soho. There you will find so many amazing – and affordable – boutiques. Here are a few that I stopped at:

DAM Boutique (Honduras 4775) was one of the most unique and interesting stores I visited. I put it on my must-see list after reading about it on Vogue.com.  The store is owned by the talented Carola Besasso, who makes clothing from scraps found in the city’s garment district. Most of her pieces are one-of-a-kind and everything is made by hand. I loved all the eye-catching brights and unexpected combinations found in this store, as seen above.

Another store I loved was Anika (Malabia 1644), which sells contemporary jewelry, leather jackets, belts and bags. The chunky, brightly colored jewelry was my favorite and I ended up buying a necklace. Anika has great funky pieces by local designers that make perfect gifts for friends and family back home.

Donna Lola (Malabia 1725)  is another fun boutique if you want to shop for affordable, trendy shoes + handbags.

If there was one store I could bring back with me to the US, it would be Try Me (El Salvador 4601). This store is a chain that reminded me of Madewell with a little bit of edge. Try Me is stocked with wearable every day pieces, from printed pants to slouchy tees and trendy jackets, most of which came out to under $100 US. I ended up picking up a scarf (the second from the top, on the left) because I didn’t realize how chilly it would be here!

After a long day of shopping, you’ll need to replenish. So head to Muma’s Cupcakes (Malabia 1680). Seriously, these are delicious and you can’t leave Palermo Soho without trying one!

The shopping scene here was my absolute favorite, but of course there are a million other things to do in Buenos Aires. I stayed at a super cute B&B called Posada Palermo which was a short walk to all of the above mentioned shopping.

If you’re heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina soon, don’t miss La Bomba de Tiempo, an incredible percussion show on Monday nights featuring 17 musicians (just don’t eat the magic brownies!). Carve out one night for dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant in Puerto Madero, Sottovoce (Alicia M. De Justo 176). And of course, enjoy one too many glasses of Malbec.